Cruising tours

The Viking Village
The reconstructed village in Tofta shows how a farm might have appeared during the 9th century. Depending on the time you have to spend here, we can offer a variety of activities.

Here you will have the opportunity to play games and sports of the era and to make your own Viking handicraft. Bake bread after a recipe from the Viking age or challenge a “real” Viking in axe throwing. There are a lot of different activities to take part in and the choice is all yours!

20 minutes or less
In 20 minutes or less, one of our Vikings first take you for a guided tour around the village, telling you about the Vikings – their life, their journeys and their legacy.
The remaining time, you can spend walking around, asking questions or maybe take a look in our souvenir shop.

Price: 60sek per person

30-45 minutes
First your Viking takes you on a guided tour around the village, which will take about 20minutes.
Afterwards you will have the opportunity to try some games, make your own necklace of handmade copies of Viking beads or bake a Viking bread.

Price: 80sek per person

More than 45 minutes
Your Viking will take you for a more extensive tour around our village, which will take about 30 minutes.
In the remaining time of your stay, you can try a variety of handicrafts, games and don’t forget to bake the Viking bread!

Price: 120sek per person